Monday, June 23, 2014


This is by far the most exciting news we have to share!! after some years of infertility we have decided and hope that it is the will of God for us to adopt our “missing piece.” This will be a long journey that awaits ahead of us, but this is the main reason we started this blog to share our every step of the way with friends, family, and anyone out there who is going through something similar. We want to have all of the prayers and support we can get from everyone in our lives, since we know it will be a long difficult bumpy road. 
Never in our life did we imagine taking this step, I never thought I would adopt a baby since I always dreamt of carrying a baby in me, and neither did Jason, but God can surely do it all, including changing both of our hearts in such way that we are so overfilled with Joy with this new season that’s ahead.

The Journey to finding our “missing piece” and making this family of 2, a family of 3 (or more). 
Next step.. finding the agency… and start the fundraising for our family and baby McDowell
In case you did not know or where wondering Adopting is extremely expensive Domestic and international and after many phone calls, emails, and extensive research we found that domestic adoption is the best fit for our marriage, because of our ages and length of marriage. 
We hope we can count on your prayers, and support since without those around us we can’t do it. We are tired of doing it alone, and trust that God will provide a way for that little one to be in our family and arms soon! 


Saturday, June 14, 2014

Laura on A Mission Trip, DR

Fast-forward a year, we are in a new season, still waiting for our miracle. But have decided that we will not stop praying we will just pray a different prayer, that the Lord our God will give a baby even if its not from us, we are letting His grace work in our lives in a different way. We have decided to follow Gods foot steps, and make disciples. 
Laura decides to go on a mission trip to Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic, and who would of thought as if we could ever doubt his provision, the fundraising for her trip was finalized in less than a month!!! 
June 14 she’s off to the DR> 
June 21 She’s back changed and so is our marriage!

In my heart I knew i would be okay with adopting but never felt strongly about it, until I returned from the DR, and Jason never thought about it only if it was our very last resort. but now!!! More to come!