Tuesday, January 8, 2013

In The Weighting Room!

Living with infertility.. This season in our lives has been so far the most difficult struggle I have ever imagined having, and doing it by ourselves was not the smartest thing we could have chosen to do. So we decided to share it with some friends and even went to a healing service at Forest Hill Church (where we are members), and both Pastor David Chadwick and Jonathan Scott where both there, and prayed for our future children. 

Along with our life groups from church and our families we had great support system, but still felt like there was a big whole in our hearts that longs for a baby. So we didn’t just pray we started to give thanks because as the bible teaches us, in Samuel 1:27 when a woman prays for a child the Lord our God who is always faithful will grant what we asked. 
On this promise alone we continue to pray without ceasing, remembering Sarah and Abraham who at their old age were barren, and God fulfilled His promise. 

“By faith Sarah herself when she was unable to have children, received the power to convene offsprings even though she was past the age, since she considered the ONE who had promised was faithful”- Hebrews 11:1