Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Baby Steps-

Today was a great day!!!!
Jason and I met with one of the pastors from our church, Forest Hill, whom has adopted two children also, and we were given a grant (YAY GOD) and along with some other funding that we have gotten from friends and family we will be able to start the fun part, Home Study, and signing contract with Steps Ahead Adoption Consultants, whom we have heard amazing testimonies on baby placements.
This means we are one step closer to meeting our baby, and this is so overwhelming and exciting that I cannot put it in words. The thought that we may be a family sooner that later fills my heart with so much joy that it may burst.
Today the Lord reminded me not to worry about tomorrow because each day has a worry of its own, I am trying not to worry and not think about the large sum of money that we have to come up with, but I know God will provide a way, he will show Himself to us through others, who ever that may be. lastly pastor Mike reminded us today what a bumpy road this may be but oh how worthy is, when you get to hold your baby in your arms and look at him/her in the eyes and know that God chose that little human being for us, and he left us with this verse that I will carry in my heart:
"God sets the lonely in families"- Psalm 68:6



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