Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Approval paragraph :) 
A lot has been going on the past few weeks since our last post. For those who don't understand adoption lingo that much this is why this week has been so important for the two of us. Any couple or anybody considering adoption has to complete a Home Study where a Social Worker meets with both adoptive parents separately to interview them, interviews them together, and lastly does a home visit, (not mentioning the countless amount of legal documents, background checks, FBI checks,etc) and this can be a very lengthy process it takes up to 11 weeks at times. But God is truly doing some work with our process because our home visit was done less then two weeks ago and yesterday as we were heading to a LifeGroup Connect to our Church we checked the mail, and there it was YAY GOD! our approved Home assessment, that states that Jason and Laura are approved by the law to become adoptive parents of one or two children fem ages newborn to 6 months. This is SO BIG I can't put in words, we are so grateful that it went by so quickly and smoothly, the answer to how this h
appened so quickly is very simple, GOD! We sometimes forget how powerful and amazing He is, He is constantly reminding me to Trust in Him in everything with all of my heart and all of my mind and to not rely on my own understanding.
THIS MEANS WE CAN START LOOKING AT BIRTH-MOMS and actively start looking for OUR BABY :). this is so surreal.
On the other side of things, we were asked to put together a photo book (the shutterfly type), this book will be our profile book, the one that birth-moms will look at. Well after waiting for weeks for them, they arrived today! Once again, very promptly :).
We are so excited with everything that has happened and even more about our hope, our dream, of our baby. Every day that goes by we feel closer to meeting our angel, we don't know when, how soon, or anything. What we do know is that we are entirely in the will of God, and that He's timing is better than our, and we trust in Him.

Please continue to pray for our adoption, for our baby, and for wisdom to know who to chose when the moment comes down to it. We also want to ask you to continue to pray
for our fundraising that we would find the way to found this dream of ours somehow.
We are so grateful for everyone who has donated so far, and has gotten us to this point in our adoption, to access our fundraising account, copy and paste the link below :) we will be eternally grateful

Thank you for your prayers and support! We truly cannot do this alone
but as of now,
We will continue to trust in the Lord, for He is good, and His love endures forever!!
Jason & Laura